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Created In His image

Hi There,

May I warmly welcome you to the 2nd Sunday in year 2017.

Alas, the train for year 2017 is moving on and gradually gaining momentum. Do not be left behind as God begin to release His blessings to His children whom He created for a divine purpose in His own image.

However, for you to enjoy the promised blessings of God in the area of Divine Fruitfulness and Multiple Increase, God also has some expectations from you this year 2017.

God's Expectations from you in 2017:

1. You need to Grow in your relationship with God.

It is only those that know their God that shall be strong and do great exploit. Daniel 11:32b.

2. Grow in your knowledge of the word of God.

Have time for personal study of the word, meditating day and night so that you shall make your ways prosperous. 2 Tim 2:15; Psalm 119:11

3. Live a life of complete Obedience.

God pronounced His blessing on Adam & Eve, but due to sin of disobedience, their lives were messed up and they paid dearly for it. Gen. 2:16-17.

4. Be diligent in your service to the Lord.

When God said 'Have Dominion, it means be diligent to look after and take care of all my other creations. No time for Idleness, start now, and get busy in your father's business. God is a worker, you also need to start working for God . Gen 2:28

There is also Consequences for Disobedience as was seen in Gen 3:17.

Beloved, let us be wise, wake up from our past slumber and do the work our father has committed in to our hand - the work Soul winning and discipleship.

May the Lord depend on you. Amen.

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